About ME

I’m a busy lady living in East Tennessee Los Angeles with an adventurous appetite and a serious case of wanderlust. My husband Brandon is an iOS developer, education technology guru, and homebrewer. We have a French cat named Miu-Mius, and we're the loving parents of Otis, our pit bull and favorite furry boy who's up in doggy heaven. I'm sure he spends all day eating steaks and digging holes. He was the best, and I miss him every day.

I’m a pianist, novice stylophonist, and breathy melodica player who dabbles with stringed instruments and percussion on occasion. I'm addicted to watching old French films ("Jules et Jim" is one of my faves), and I love wearing combinations of purple and gray. And whenever I have time (and money), I try to fit in flying lessons.

Other interesting things about me: My left brain and right brain are unusually balanced. My latest Myers-Briggs results says I'm an ENFJ, although I used to be an ENFP for years. And I've had the good fortune to meet Dolly Parton and Ira Glass. (#fangirl)

Oh, I’m a reality TV star, too. :)