Mary Chapin Carpenter can make me cry in less than ten bars into one of her songs. Her lyrics are simple and poignant, and often I find them so relatable I have to wonder how she read my mind.


I had the chance to see her at the Bijou, and this was my first time to ever watch her perform live. She's so calm and cool, and I love that she has a different guitar for each song. And those guitars are awesome. 

Mary Chapin is an incredible performer. She's witty. She knows how to tell a great story. And for someone who speaks softly and sings with warmth that soothes like a cup of hot tea, she has such a commanding stage presence and can silence an entire auditorium the minute she opens her mouth.

I'm so glad I got to see her perform. It was moving and personal, but I guess that's the sign of a truly great singer/songwriter.

Oh, and one word about her opener, Tift Merritt... AMAZING.